Selected interviews on air:

Episode 545: Deborah Stratman

Selected interviews in print:

Works of: A Conversation with Dan Miller

The Fight for 15: An Interview with Soohyun Kim

A Lullaby That the Adult Me Hands Back in Time to the Teen Me: An Interview with Jennifer Reeder

Where Is Here: an Interview with Brett Kashmere

Illuminating the Gentle Gaze: An Interview with Matt Wolf

Seeing with Three Eyes: An Interview with Fern Silva

I Explained What State Smashers Are to a Grand Jury: An Interview with Julie Perini

Person Corporatehood: An Interview with Mike Merrill

A Hallucination That Is Also a Fact: An Interview with Mary Helena Clark

Rare Atmospheres: An Interview with Michael Robinson (with Benjamín Schultz-Figueroa)

The Link to Reality Stretches but Doesn’t Break: An Interview with Jesse McLean

The Force of Mystery: An Interview with Claire L. Evans

The Observer: An Interview with Jacqueline Goss

Empty Quarter: Interview with Pam Minty and Alain LeTourneau

Selected reviews and articles:

Listfulness: Schema Variation

Still Moving

Works Sited: Time-Lapse at SITE Santa Fe

Screens Named: Exhibition Strategies and Moving Images

Radical Lights

A Few Instructive Interviews