DO VOICES (2013), 15 minutes, color, sound, video + performance

Note: In performance, I conduct during the first section: standing between the projector and screen making my body a shadow puppet conducting to an absent (or elsewhere) choir. During the final section, a choir emerges from the audience (each standing as their color hits the screen), encouraged to perform their own accent and channel the raw ego of the original We Are the World sessions. The ____ Choir changes names based on its venue.

Choirs, choirs, Robin Williams, the contemporary folk art ensemble of youtube, George Mason University’s English Accent Archive, Shamuel Beckett and others come together for a We Are The World / We Arendt -style movie/concert/concert movie. Highly recommended for those already there, those on their way. Topics include: where you’re from and how you sound, the imaginative space of the bootleg, the morass of language, the virtuosity of a radio on scan and typing in stereo.